For Cedric…

jeudi, 4 janvier, 2007

Who didn’t know what I was talking about when I was describing a Lite Brite a few weeks ago:

(I literally tripped on one in a clothing store in London, ON during the holidays…)

And yes, this may very well be dating me…



That, my friends, is yours truly.

ABBA’s lyrics never rang truer…

mercredi, 18 octobre, 2006

Waaaaaterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted toooo…

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Sister sister!

jeudi, 22 juin, 2006


samedi, 10 juin, 2006


I wish I was a sleeping-pill.

mardi, 30 mai, 2006

That's what germans call people who are always cool and composed. or that don't seem to get too angry or excited about anything.

but alas. I have latin blood.


ghanaian bike.jpg

my bike has a Ghanaian brother.



et la construction du site est finalement complète…

Aye, she’s a beaut, she is!

samedi, 27 mai, 2006


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dimanche, 21 mai, 2006

bang bang.jpg

…le cafard.

Woot woot!

lundi, 8 mai, 2006

Birthday Background.jpg

…psssst. Click on the birthday boy.


dimanche, 7 mai, 2006

monas bday1.jpg