dimanche, 3 décembre, 2006

Kid Koala.


Some of the kids I can’t wait to see at x-mas:
(I’m missing all the jams and I’m bitter)


Lastly, my little kid niece is growing and fast. 2 months and she’s tacked on 2 lbs. (Making her weight still less than my birth weight. yes, yes. I was captain chunky one. )

But I digress.

Yet another reason I need to get my derrière back to South ON.


Dem da breaks.

lundi, 10 juillet, 2006

Remind me to never fall asleep at one of these parties. (via Rob)


Joscelyn Nesto-Leigh Bailey, you broke my $70 sampling stick!


Les bleus ont péri. et merde. et zizou… « mais pourquoi?! mais pourquoi? »

Allez les bleus

(c’est beau ca aussi, Materazzi.)


samedi, 13 mai, 2006

"Get a hair cut."
I ADORE this picture.
Or else .

(Just doin' my job…)