mercredi, 7 juin, 2006


(À suivre…)


Goodness Gracious!

jeudi, 11 mai, 2006

Juan's sister just got a new puppy…
Linus and Juan.jpg


and the sounds of "split spooning in the rain" is mighty enticing…
drop in scrub bucket.jpg split spooning in the rain.jpg
…but after 3 hours your lips turn blue and you cut your hand and you don't feel it and you don't bleed and soon you're doing jumping jacks to keep warm and everyone else is wondering if your hard hat is on too tight and you still have 5 hours to go and when you get home you cocoon yourself wadding all the blankets you own and stuffing them into your sweater and then you trip and fall on your cat and no matter how many treats you're coaxing him with afterwards, he's still adamant about living in the couch because it's safer than living out there in the open with you, you putz.