ABBA’s lyrics never rang truer…

mercredi, 18 octobre, 2006

Waaaaaterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted toooo…

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mercredi, 12 juillet, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah the anguish! There was no film in that camera.

I am mourning all those unborn photos. Really, REALLY, facking kickass photos.



To console myself today, I developed a roll I shot sometime back in the spring. A pleasant little day trip to Elora Gorge followed by a mad race back home to make it in time for a TK shift. We stumbled upon firemen training… climbing…

Some of these turned out okay… sigh.

I hope I didn't break his concentration, snappety snap!

Troncs gourmands



Firemen training at the gorge...



I just want you back for good…

(I want you back.)

I want you back.

(I want you baaaaaack Robbie! Come home!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw ye-yeah.

lundi, 15 mai, 2006

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Crash. Boom. Splat.

jeudi, 27 avril, 2006

Last night, CJ, Kevin and I played Plinko in my kitchen.




(Farewell Kevin)


lundi, 24 avril, 2006

While living at The Palace, about three years ago now, I was on an errand with Lisa when I stumbled upon this.


It was the most spontaneous, ridiculous purchase I've ever made in my life. I pictured tiny fingers curling around it's flopsy ear and fell in love. The lamb came home with me that day. Three years it sat in my belongings, both of us a little embarassed with the awkward wait. Unsure who it was going to belong to. But now…

I'm gonna be an aunt! I'm gonna be an aunt!


“Les Français Sales” chez Weaver’s.

On a fêté comme des vieux salauds afin de célébrer quelques anniversaires et plusieurs départs.

francais.jpg Une vraie saoulonne.
Photos prises par Owen.
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