We’ve moved!

mardi, 4 décembre, 2007

Our new digs can be found at:


A bit scattered… but mostly there…




PPS – Joscelyn is SUCH a good big brother!

dimanche, 17 décembre, 2006

I melted when I saw this picture.

Just like when chocolate is left on a dashboard, or plastic bags are left on burners when making bread (right, Juan?)

This felt too damn good.

Ali’s got the magic touch.

lundi, 4 décembre, 2006

« i will keep sending these to you every five
minutes until… no there will be no end. »

Feliz Cumpleaños Monkaye!!!

mardi, 21 novembre, 2006



vendredi, 17 novembre, 2006






dimanche, 15 octobre, 2006

I’m an aunt! I’m an aunt!

Elle s’appelle Sophie, 7 livres 3 onces…

More to follow!


vendredi, 8 septembre, 2006

Big News

We’re in the Ok Go A Million Ways Dance Competition. The winner is flown to one of their concerts.

Find us on youtube. Pass it around, favourite and rate the hell out of it.

The world will be a better place.

(btw.. if this doesn’t read like michelle, it’s cuz it’s not. She asked me to write this for her. To get all you readers to rate our videos. So this post was written by rob for michichelle)

Mate (MAH-té)

mardi, 29 août, 2006


2 – days behind schedule

8 – large black garbage bags

3 – trips to the goodwill

3 – years spent in this place

25 – years (minus one day) worth of stuff with me

65 or so – accumulated hours of sleep debt

1 – meal a day

7 and 1/2 – hours my Mom drove to come help me

Only dreams of Montreal and gourds full of mate (my life blood at this point) are keeping me going.

Sooooooo close!


WTF mate?

jeudi, 20 juillet, 2006

Would I ever work out to THIS in the morning?

Ha. Probably.