Wednesday, June 7th 2006

crepes and batter raspberry wine enoki chicken vino
black equals green equals antipasto!


  • Chicken browned on both sides then simmered in a raspberry, wine, parsley and garlic sauce until tender. Then, sauce was thickened, was poured over chicken and topped with fresh berries and enoki (tiny japanese) mushrooms. (Learnt that if you don't have a sieve, you can use your loose leaf tea strainer to get all those annoying raspberry seeds out of your raspberry mash to use in the sauce!)
  • Mashed sweet potatoes and mashed kidney beans, both appropriately spiced to eat as a dip or to wrap with a little cheddar and sour cream in:
  • Buttermilk crepes which could be used not only for wraps but also as a sort of sour flat bread, kind of like the african enjera bread. (Only they turned out a little sweeter than intended so I was very grateful that my guests brought bread)
  • Roasted black and white bell peppers (but it turns out the black bell pepper is nothing exciting, just a green pepper with a weak, weak disguise) so I sliced up the roasted peppers and threw it in an olive oil, lemon juice, fresh basil and parsley marinade, along with coarsely chopped tomatoes and feta cheese. mmmmm antipasto.
  • Wine, both red and white.
  • For dessert I/we were treated to delicious strawberry rhubarb pie (which I, sadly, don't have a picture of.)

I think my favourite part of the night is a toss up between KT's insane pie acrobatics and Justin standing at the bottom of the stairs, arms outstretched, saying "Okay monkey! I'm ready! I gotcha!" to a very tipsy girl at the top of the stairs, who unfortunately had to climb ladders and wash windows very early the next day.


Wednesday, June 14th 2006


  • Beer Chicken (as dubbed by KT) which was absolutely dee-lee-cious.  But I think Justin is going to take the recipe to his grave. Dagnabit!
  • Scalloped potato bake and asparagus (which I love but never eat for some reason, which is a damn shame because those vegetables look awesome on a plate.)
  • A fresh spring mix salad that included mandarins and a tasty raspberry sauce.
  • Fresh fruit galore for dessert.  Strawberries and melons and grapes and… and I freakin' gorged myself.

I was a big jerk and I didn't stay to help my hosts clean up.  Instead I was in my lab cleaning until 3:30 am, to make sure that we passed the safety/hazard inspection the next morning.  Two year's worth of chemical waste, what.  But I swear, I'll make it up.  Next time I will be the dish scrubbing queen, behold.


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