jeudi, 9 novembre, 2006

I really meant flashback, but flashdance is what popped into my head instead. I was really, really, really tempted to rock me some fine 80’s threads and take a picture of myself under a jet of water for this post. Oh baby baby.

Now for the original mission:

Pique-Nique. Too cold for the city boy. Alas! Our adventure comes to an end.
Gritty mangoes BLAMO!
(more pics)
Buildin’ da fort.
That pompous lil’… I should try to sell this picture to Coleman. Ali making fun of the Diva (Jos)

July 16th 2006. The hottest day of the summer. We were already nestled in the dunes and damn it was glorious.

Vanity struck Joscelyn. His day consisted of eating, taking pictures of himself, eating, slothing, eating all the strawberries, taking more pictures of himself…

With one man down, Ali and I – intrepid and daring as we are – blew up a kayak using only our iron lungs, paddled up and down the Huron coastline, conquered golden dunes at dizzying heights…

…and then, if it weren’t for shame uh.. pride, we would have begged Jos to come get the kayak and drag it back home for us.


Une Réponse to “Flashdance.”

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