ABBA’s lyrics never rang truer…

mercredi, 18 octobre, 2006

Waaaaaterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted toooo…

I’m hopping a train bound for Waterloo once again today. That city just keeps calling me back. But Mike and I have decided that the Waterloo web is too damn big to escape anyway.

So cool cats, y’all keep your eyes peeled for me at Starlight. I’m a be shakin’ my bones like this guy (click on the image to get the video, and the special effects) :



(Does this song remind anyone else of Nancy?? Oh the beautiful angst caused by a song on repeat at the Turnkey Desk… : / )


Une Réponse to “ABBA’s lyrics never rang truer…”

  1. Saba Says:

    I just went into an ABBA induced coma for a moment there… thanks.

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