ABBA’s lyrics never rang truer…

mercredi, 18 octobre, 2006

Waaaaaterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted toooo…

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Peace out, homeslices.

lundi, 16 octobre, 2006


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dimanche, 15 octobre, 2006

I’m an aunt! I’m an aunt!

Elle s’appelle Sophie, 7 livres 3 onces…

More to follow!

Grade ‘A’ loser-hermit. m’yes.

samedi, 14 octobre, 2006

After pulling an all-nighter or two (thank you for the mutual late-work-night moral support donkeycito) I was sick as a dog (I’m getting old; can’t pull it off no mo’.)

Barely 2 hours of any sleep and I was at it again. Successfully handed the work in, ran errands, baked cookies, made cadeaux deliveries and caught my lovely ex-roomie Shannon before she headed back to Vancouver.

Thus, saturday was exceptionally shiny and involved all of:


(click on me)

Oh yes, that’s right.
Le brat recently made it here, and is now an official Montreal-dweller too:




Saturday night in the metro. En route for a little taste of Pop Montreal à la solo.

Finally doing something with this city so alive beneath my feet.

(Had me a little Beirut and Akron/Family and We Were Born Ruffians. And just to completely spoil my fresh-and-pipin’ hot!- sesame bagels and salmon spread dinner late on Sunday night, I also gorged on some Sunset Rubdown.)