While I was in hiding:

mardi, 4 juillet, 2006

Mike found some rad Harley Davidson frames in his basement.

doigt.jpg Spikin' it good raaaawrrr.jpg

I hit up Olympic Island and shook my tush to good live music. Then I fell asleep on the grass and on the ferry and on the car ride home due to work exhaustion.

Bloc Party Feist Broken Social Scene

(I am quite pleased to see that Miss Feist dances with Buck 65 in this video. quite pleased.)

Rob drove me to get supplies for my research and we found a cat for the hat. err.. hat for the cat.

Hat for Cat Rob and Cowcat

I can’t tell if he liked it. He bucked with cowboy joy when we set him down on the ground, but he simultaneously smashed his head into the wall, thereby cracking the hat.

Jos and I caught some football action. (na mean…)
You can see the strain in my neck as I (and the people behind me) stare on intently. And Jos’ hair stood on end. I think he wanted Spain to win because of his pool.

Intensity Baby hawk Jos

Maurice and Simone helped me tremendously, out of the goodness of their kind, kind hearts. Without them, my sampling days would have been longer than, oh, 17 or 19 hours.

Simone slaving away, reflection in pump buckle

And finally… France won!!!! So did Germany!!! Shitshyeah!

Deutschland Deutschland

The rest is no more than blood and sweat and tears.

Save sexy chest waders.

Chest Waders. Sexy.


Une Réponse to “While I was in hiding:”

  1. Dave Says:

    Buck 65 is a good acquaintance of mine.. he’s close friends with one of my classmates, so we’ve hung out before.

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