mardi, 27 juin, 2006

Pas mal la France, pas mal.

I clearly didn’t have enough faith, I wasn’t sure they would make it past Spain, but they did!  I mean Spain had been playing very well….

And to be honest I’ll be a little sad not to see this again:


It filled me with glee.

Sister sister!

jeudi, 22 juin, 2006



« Look! I’m Geordie LaForge! »

R.I.P Ed de Monton

mardi, 20 juin, 2006


Noir et blanc

lundi, 19 juin, 2006

hitler.jpg  +   cat.jpg  =      

Le Pig Roast.

dimanche, 18 juin, 2006

On my way home at 7am I wanted to pick these,


but decided that a 30 minute bike-ride in (already) sweltering heat just wasn't proper for these (modest) beauties.


A picture of the pig is to follow. 

I think. 

(I'm kind of scared of it.)


Ô France, douce France…. Quel cafouillis!  Mer-de.


samedi, 17 juin, 2006

2-0 bébé.

‘fess up

mardi, 13 juin, 2006

Come clean today.


Two nights now, I've slept with my contact lenses in. On purpose.
My optometrist has me trying out Night and Day lenses. So far they are the one. Only them 'neath moon or under the sun.



Maybe it's the football frenzy that's taking the world by kicking storm, but lately I've been yearning for France and the people that filled my life there. Out of za blue emerged mon Marco and ma Domi, delighting me with news and happenings from abroad. Dig this. A very talented boy's work. Très fort.



un coeur.jpg

Shelly was my sunshine on a hard day.


Craig was seeking starshine in a hard way.

samedi, 10 juin, 2006