Aaaaaaaaaaaaw ye-yeah.

lundi, 15 mai, 2006

black sweat.jpg

prince.jpg So on account of being trapped inside that belly of a whale, I seem to have lost track of the important happenings on this planet. Namely, the release of a new Prince CD?! Hey I don’t think you truly appreciate the magnitude of this calamity. I grew up on this shit. And for TWO months this goes unnoticed?! Dammit this is Prince! Also, let it be well understood that only Prince can get away with such you’ll be screaming like a white lady when I count to three gloriousness.Oh one more thing; never underestimate the bball skills of Prince and the Revolution.
workin up.jpg
prince workin it.jpg
« I don’t wanna dance too hard…
but this is a groove
work it.jpg 3121.jpg

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