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(anagrams to 'Happy Birthday Robert John Emrich!') 


I wish I was a sleeping-pill.

mardi, 30 mai, 2006

That's what germans call people who are always cool and composed. or that don't seem to get too angry or excited about anything.

but alas. I have latin blood.


ghanaian bike.jpg

my bike has a Ghanaian brother.



et la construction du site est finalement complète…


I just want you back for good…

(I want you back.)

I want you back.

(I want you baaaaaack Robbie! Come home!)

Aye, she’s a beaut, she is!

samedi, 27 mai, 2006


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Lab du jour…

vendredi, 26 mai, 2006

slug test get it.jpg

intimate blue

mardi, 23 mai, 2006

Intimate Blue.jpg

cool night, cigarettes,

four friends with philosophies,

table much too small.


dimanche, 21 mai, 2006

bang bang.jpg

…le cafard.

Egg in a basket

mardi, 16 mai, 2006

egg in a basket.jpg VS. lem-egg in a basket.jpg

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw ye-yeah.

lundi, 15 mai, 2006

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samedi, 13 mai, 2006

"Get a hair cut."
I ADORE this picture.
Or else .

(Just doin' my job…)