We’ve moved!

mardi, 4 décembre, 2007

Our new digs can be found at:


A bit scattered… but mostly there…




For Cedric…

jeudi, 4 janvier, 2007

Who didn’t know what I was talking about when I was describing a Lite Brite a few weeks ago:

(I literally tripped on one in a clothing store in London, ON during the holidays…)

And yes, this may very well be dating me…

PPS – Joscelyn is SUCH a good big brother!

dimanche, 17 décembre, 2006

I melted when I saw this picture.

Just like when chocolate is left on a dashboard, or plastic bags are left on burners when making bread (right, Juan?)

This felt too damn good.

(Whether you’re totally in study clothes or not.)

« Erm. Pete? That’s… me. yap. »

Ali’s got the magic touch.

lundi, 4 décembre, 2006

« i will keep sending these to you every five
minutes until… no there will be no end. »


dimanche, 3 décembre, 2006

Kid Koala.


Some of the kids I can’t wait to see at x-mas:
(I’m missing all the jams and I’m bitter)


Lastly, my little kid niece is growing and fast. 2 months and she’s tacked on 2 lbs. (Making her weight still less than my birth weight. yes, yes. I was captain chunky one. )

But I digress.

Yet another reason I need to get my derrière back to South ON.

Feliz Cumpleaños Monkaye!!!

mardi, 21 novembre, 2006



lundi, 20 novembre, 2006

Basket Cases Full
Like Sardines

My life in a nutshell corolla.

Sammidge! A tad too happy
Doesn't need a snappy name

The journey. (and my birfday.)

Marché Jean Talon.

Dans l’Vieux.

The first inklings of cabin fever.


That, my friends, is yours truly.